What Does Your Bait Say About You

What Does Your Bait Say About You - Gold Coast

A wrong bait can keep you waiting for hours with no results. That’s how simply the importance of bait can be expressed. Therefore, your bait speaks about your expertise, experience and most importantly your efficiency at fishing. It’s more important because it works like magic when you choose the correct bait.

There can be two types of baits – natural and artificial. Natural baits are the number one choice because they are edible and the familiar taste, look, appearance, structure and smell of it attracts the fishes. The best practice is to acquire baits locally to minimize hassle. Earthworm is the common and universal bait. Almost all fresh water fish is likely to get attracted and eat this. There are other natural baits as well like maggots, grubs, bees, aquatic snails, small frogs, tadpoles, grasshoppers, crayfish and ants as well. Fish eggs are another extremely effective type of bait. Worms, crickets, beetles, minnows, and leeches are also good baits.

The artificial baits are called lures because they can’t be eaten by the fishes. They are aimed to imitate the appearance of fish prey with colours, shape and flash. There are thousands of different types of artificial baits based on colour, shape, style, and other characteristics. There are different types of lures available for different depths of water, surface, sub surface and bottom. There are different sizes available too, massive spoon shaped ones to feather-filled and fur-covered ones.

Lures come in a wide variety of options like spoons, flies, jigs, crankbaits, plugs, poppers and spinners with each of these having a specialty.

To be an effective angler, you need to be well aware of the available lures and baits and choose the best one that fits your situation. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different options and the level of detailed specialization for each lure and bait is bound to bring great results.