Whale Migration: An Added Bonus to Your Trip

Whale Migration: An Added Bonus to Your Trip - Gold Coast

If you’re planning to have a trip to the fishing spots in Gold Coast, spotting Whales might come as a pleasant surprise for you. During their migration period from May to November, they can be spotted near the East Coastline and it’s a visual you don’t want to miss!

Whales are beautiful aquatic beings who also happen to be the largest mammals on the planet. During their life span, they cross a lot of oceans and there are two main purposes for migration. Feeding and breeding are the two major reasons for whales to travel such long distances.

Most whales feed on Krill and Plankton, which can be found in ample amounts in the cold and frigid waters. The best spots whales go for feeding are in the cold waters near Antarctica. However, the problem with such cold waters is that it is not suitable for newborn whale calves because they do not grow that protective layer under their skin very soon and would freeze to death. That’s why whales migrate again, this time to warmer waters to breed.

For fishing enthusiasts, spotting whales during this two way migration is very likely and is a mesmerizing scene. Whales migrate between May to November and it’s the perfect time for spotting them. There are many Whale spotting services available in the East Coast who offer boat trips especially for this purpose.

Almost 45 different species of whales, dolphins and other aquatic animals are found in Australian Waters. Migrating whales can be seen from both the West and East Coast. The species of whales which are found to be migrating are Humpback whale, Southern Right Whale, Pygmy Sperm Whale, Minke Whale, and Bryde’s Whales. Though most commonly humpback whales are seen.

During summer the humpbacks spend time feeding in Antarctica and in late autumn they start migrating for breeding. That’s the best time for spotting them.

Byron Bay on the East Coast is one of the best spots for whale spotting. It reaches from Tweed Heads to Yamba and provides some good spots. Not too far away up a bit north is Gold Coast and the boat trips along this whole coastline provides for an excellent scope for whale spotting. While some trips are exclusively designed for whale spotting, it might come as a bonus during a regular vacation trip along this coastline.

Hervey Bay is another splendid place where Humpbacks make a stop during their annual migration to the South side. Starting from mid-July up to November, they can be seen in plentiful. Fraser Island is a good place to watch these migrating magnificents.

The warm waters of Whitsunday Islands is also a favourite spot of humpbacks and they like to breed and nurse their newborn here. They can be seen in the islands and sometimes in the Great Barrier Reef with their offsprings.

As beautiful as this descriptions may sound, they are best experienced in person and hopefully you’ll come across some of these beautiful aquatic animals on your next trip and be completely surprised.