What Types of Fish Can You Catch on the Gold Coast

What Types of Fish Can You Catch on the Gold Coast - Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is an absolutely bountiful place when it comes to fishing. There are amazing spots to go fishing to and enjoy the day with the family. Many different types of fish are found on Gold Coast. Let’s have a look at some of them –

Freshwater fish

Freshwater fishes are fishes that grow and live in the water bodies which are not in the sea. There are canals, estuaries and streams coming down to the sea from inside of the East Coast in places like Broadwater, Tweed River, and Jumpinpin. These places are home to a number of freshwater fish species. The notable ones are Mangrove Jack or Bream, Australian Bass, Sea Mullet, Spotted Flagtail along with Barcoo grunter, Silver perch, and Golden perch (often mistaken for Australian Bass). However, one should remember that there are restrictions on catching freshwater fishes based on the time of the year and species rarity. Please refer to the prohibited species names before fishing freshwater fishes.

Deepwater fish

Fishes that live on and below 200 metres depth are generally considered as deepwater fishes. The Gold Coast is rich in this particular type of fishes and there are many deepwater fishing cruise services available to experience a totally different and exciting type of fishing that is deepwater fishing. The fishes which are mainly found and caught in deepwater are Cods, Gropers, Snappers, Sea Perches, Emperors, Big Eye Breams, Trevallas, Bar rockcod, Comet groper, Hapuku, Goldband snapper, Sharptooth jobfish, Sharptooth jobfish, Pearl perch, Mozambique bream, and Blue eye trevalla.

Deepwater fishes are bigger than average in size and sometimes their size will elate the anglers with accomplishment. Apart from the joy of catching a deepwater fish, the journey to and from the fishing spots is refreshing and enjoyable with the bright sun, shiny water and gentle breeze.

Reef fish

As the name implies, Reef fishes are the type to fishes which are associated with or live and flourish near coral reefs. Although coral reefs almost do not appear in the surface (with only one percent being visible), they provide the incredibly diverse ecosystem for lots of different species of fishes including cods, emperors, parrotfishes, sweetlips, wrasses, coral trout, fusiliers, surgeonfishes and tropical snappers.

Reef habitats are extremely rare as it counts for only one percent of the world oceans. The most striking aspect of reef fishes is their colour. They are amazingly vibrant, and they have the ability to coexist in a small reef enriched space.

Gold Coast is an angling haven and it is recommended that any person who loves being in the sea and also loves fishing, should take separate trips by targeting these types in multiple visits to grasp the full experience.