Top Tips for the Best Day of Charter Boat Fishing

A day out deep sea fishing on a charter boat might only be an occasional or once in a lifetime event for some people. If you’ve never been charter boat fishing offshore before, then in this post we’ll be offering some tips to make sure your day is memorable for all the right reasons.

Avoid Sea Sickness

Nothing is more of a buzz kill than feeling deathly ill while out on the open ocean. What’s meant to be an exhilarating day of fun ocean fishing can turn into a torturous nightmare if you don’t take precautions. Pay a visit to the chemist before the big day and pick up some travel sickness tablets such as Travacalm. Another more natural alternative is ginger; either in the form of tablets or ginger beer.

View Catching Fish As a Bonus

While the ultimate aim of fishing charters is to hopefully hook the big one, there is never a guarantee that you will find the fish. Your skipper will do his best to put you on top of the fish, but treat catching fish as a bonus and not the be all and end all of the outing. Seek the adventure first and simply enjoy the ocean fishing experience.

Share the Expense

This tip in two fold in nature. Going on a deep sea fishing adventure is more fun with your friends or family than hitting the open sea all alone. It also allows everyone to share in the charter fishing expenses, making the experience more affordable and even more enjoyable. On top of this it’s a great chance for everyone to bond while taking part in something new and learning brand new skills together.

Listen to the Crew

The crew on board fishing charters are experts at what they do. They are there to help you in any way they can, but they are also responsible for your safety and safety of everyone else on board. Follow their advice and you’ll have a fantastic and trouble-free day out on the water, and you may just make some new friends along the way.

Do Some Research

Jump on the internet before your high seas adventure and study up on the various types of fish you are likely to encounter on your fishing trip. This will give you a heads up on what you might catch, how to handle the fight and the best way to reel the big one in successfully.

Choose the Right Fishing Charter

Ultimately your day out on the water is only going to be as good as the fishing charter you hire, so make a wise choice and go with Sea Probe Charters. We’re based right on the Broadwater in Southport on the Gold Coast. Call us for a friendly chat and make a booking for your big day out.