Top Ten Gold Coast Fishing Spots

Top Ten Gold Coast Fishing Spots - Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a haven for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. The reason for saying this is that the coast is full of interesting and exciting spots for fishing and each one has its own appeal. Let’s have a look!

  1. Kirra Reef

Talk about beach fishing and Kirra Reef is the place to be. Rich in Tailor and Jew fishes, this spot is not to miss! It is located around coral reefs which can be identified with the darker patches beneath the water, there are plenty of fishes around these reefs. You can go for fishing in Kirra Reef anytime of the year and the fishes will be there around the reef which makes it a sure shot spot.

  1. Pine Lake

Pine Lake is in Elanora and comes through Currumbin Creek through a small canal. It is tidal and anglers can easily move and settle in to take their positions. Mullet, Bream, Flathead, Trevally, Herring, Mangrove Jack, Whiting, Yellowtail, Jew, Crab, Kingfish and Queenfish are the main species of fishes that is found here. There is another part of the lake which is a quite restricted but holds all of the fishes mentioned. This restricted part of the lake is a locked area with waters coming through a weir.

  1. Sand Pumping Jetty

This one is a crowd favourite spot as its rich with tailor fishes as well as flathead, bream, whiting, jewfish and dart. The place is spectacular and feels great to be for fishing and the possibility of catching a big fish is quite high. Throughout the year and with all the changes in the season, this spot is bountiful with fishes and you won’t be disappointed when you visit this place.

  1. Tallebudgera Creek

Sitting between Burleigh Heads National Park and Palm Beach, Tallebudgera Creek is a place you’d definitely want to be in. Talk about Kayaking, camping, swimming, going to a picnic, and fishing – this spot offers you all.

This spot is great for both land and boat anglers. It holds a wide range of fishes including Jewfish, Trevally, Queenfish, Mangrove Jack, Whiting, Bream, and Flathead. The fishes are also great in numbers and fly fishermen can go to the reaches and canals to hunt Giant Herrings and Tarpon.

As there is a bridge, it provides for a great opportunity as the deep holes made for bridges hold a lot of fishes. Good thing about this spot is that it is widely accessible through cars even. You can move to the parking spots and easily set yourself comfortably with a chair and start fishing.

  1. Bond University

This is not a fairly popular or known spot. This is situated in Robina but all your doubts will disappear once you get there. Near the tidal gates, there are so many fishes that you can see their silver skin splashing and flashing. Mangrove Jack and Trevally are available in good numbers. One of the unique fishing choice is Bull Sharks. So, it’s advised not to go wading in the water but you can also prepare yourself differently if you want to catch Bull Sharks.

One thing to mention is that the University is a private property but it can be accessed from Lake Orr Drive and there is a bridge that crosses the lake which is accessible for public. Without boats, this is a great urban spot to go fishing,

  1. Jumpinpin

Enriched with a number of creeks and channels and settled between North and South Stradbroke Islands, Jumpinpin is a home to a wide range of fishes including Mangrove Jack, Bream, Jew, and crabs. The drive to this place is a wonderful one. The actual extent of Jumpinpin is quite big and there are a number of spots where you can settle for fishing.

It is a place renowned for big fishes caught with big baits. So, bring out those big baits and get ready for the reward. Don’t forget to choose your fishing rods carefully.

  1. Broadwater Jetty

This jetty sits on Broadwater which is an estuary and that’s what makes this an ideal fishing spot. This place provides a wide and big space and you can find your own space without any disturbance. Dusky Flatheads are plenty during August to October and Giant and Big-Eye Trevally, Mulloway, Tailor, and Jacks can be found as well.

Deep hole provides Tailor fishing in the morning and at night it can give you Bream. This place is great for both daytime and night time fishing. Definitely a spot to go to if you’re into fishing.

  1. Snapper Rocks

This is a spot which stands near Kirra Reef and is a great spot for catching some Bonito, Tuna, Dart, Flathead and Tailor. It is at the corner of Tweed area and is like a collection of rocks along the Tweed River. This place has to be approached with extreme caution as the run out tide from the bar exits from this point and is a hotspot for surfers. One of the exciting things about this place is the large number of pelagic fishes.

  1. Tweed River

Both the North and South ends of the Tweed River are excellent spots for fishing from land. Bream, Flathead, Jew, Jacks, Kingfish, Jewfish and Trevally are found here. The Mangrove Jack can be found around the bridges and rock walls and the availability of a wide range of fishes along with the land based fishing opportunity makes this one a must to visit spots for fishing.

  1. Gold Coast Seaway

Without any doubt, this place is the number one spot for fishing. As this waterway is the most widely used one, it is house to a good number of fishes like Mangrove Jacks found more near rock walls, Bream, and Flathead. There are weed beds which are ideal for finding Garfish, squids and crabs. Jewfish and Trevally are also found. The canal estates hold a good number of these fishes.

If you’re an avid fishing enthusiast, then you must not miss any of these spots if you haven’t been there already. Each of these locations is a specialty in fishing and not to mention the whole Gold Coast. Add these spots to your bucket list and get moving with your friends.