Practical gifts your favourite fisherman (or fisherwoman) will love

Practical gifts your favourite fisherman (or fisherwoman) will love - Gold Coast
  • Dry bag. There’s no escaping water when you fish. A sealable dry bag keeps all those non waterproof items safe from an accidental dip in the drink!
  • Microfibre towel. Solve the smell baity hands problem with an always ready, quick drying microfibre towel.
  • Heavy duty gloves. A must for handling large fish, fish with spikes, and sharp teeth.
  • Wireless Bluetooth smart fish finder. Don’t just throw in your line and hope for the best. Get smart! This fish finder uses sonar fish identifier technology to relay to your phone, everything you need to know about where to fish. Just throw in the ‘bobber’ to use as a fish finder or connect a swivel to it and use it as a floater (bobber).           
  • Fixed blade outdoor knife. Essential for any outdoor enthusiast and fisherman is a robust sharp outdoor survivalist knife. Versatile enough to cut through material, tree branches, rope, fillet you fish, and even to use as a flint to start a fire!
  • Digital fishing scale. You really can brag about your catch when you have proof!
  • Travel mug. Fishing is often a waiting game. So, while you wait, why not enjoy a warm cup of tea, coffee, or even a mug of soup!
  • Give the gift of adventure. Deep Sea Fishing Adventure Gift Voucher.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear for fishing. We’ve got you covered

Book a Deep Sea Fishing adventure and we’ll supply everything you need. Our experienced captain and crew are there to make sure you have an unforgettable day!