What makes a good fishing trip?

What makes a good fishing trip? - Gold Coast

After a lot of planning and excitement leading up to your awaited fishing trip, you don’t want to spoil it by any chance. Here are some points highlighted for you to ensure a good trip.

Good and supportive company

The first and foremost important thing based on the opinions of many. Fishing trip is supposed to be a fun filled experience with people who admire the hobby and provide the best of their support to enjoy the time to the fullest. Having someone to chat with during the waiting time, asking for an opinion and having someone to help by reaching out and handing over things and arranging the things like bait, lure, rod and etc. can turn out to be an absolute blessing. It’s also important to have someone reliable to back you up in case anything goes wrong.

Choosing a good day

You don’t want to be that sad guy with a smug face, drenching in the rain and struggling in the storm. There are plenty of ways to choose a good, bright and sunny day with little or no possibilities of weather disruption that can be known through weather forecasts and predictions. Be sure to take note of important factors and prepare accordingly.

Comfortable fishing space

The main space for all the action should be a comfortable one where you can reach and find all your items easily and spend your time enjoyably. If you’re fishing from the land, make sure there the water doesn’t splash inwards to your working space and the whole arrangement doesn’t hamper any pedestrian’s walkway. If you’re fishing from a boat, make sure your stance is strong so that you don’t fall off.

Sufficient Fuel

If you’re planning to go fishing on a boat for a long time you have to be well prepared and the most important item that can’t be forgotten is fuel. Be sure to check and double check if you have enough of it to ensure that you return to the shore and don’t get stuck in the middle of the sea.

Lifejackets for all

When you’re going boat fishing, the first and foremost important thing is this life saving essential life jacket. Don’t go even one piece shorthanded, make sure you count those life jackets and have one for every single person on board. May it never come to that situation but should you need, the option must be available.

Prepare a boat and gather all resources

Perhaps the only thing you can’t go to the sea without is a boat. If you have one of your own, that’s good for you, but if you don’t, there is always the scope to hire one. After getting a boat, it has to be checked if the engine is perfectly running or not and other technical aspects of the boat is up and running and fully functional.

Take all kinds of bait and fishing apparatus you need

From lure, bait, rod, line, to net, boxes, and everything else – make sure you have all resources ready before going aboard the boat or starting off your journey towards the spot. You don’t want to forget something and then regret later, that is not the sign of a good fishing day.

Do the homework beforehand

Plan everything from starting off to return. Google for information and talk with authorities and take all kinds of clearance. Try to think about all possible scenarios and prepare all documents and gather resources accordingly. Consult with fishing and angling experts to know specific real experience based information about your journey, fishes, and discuss the plan and seek advice for any modification if needed.

Choosing the best time

Absolutely quintessential matter. Timing is everything when it comes to fishing. Early morning and evening are the best times to go for fishing and midday is the time you really want to avoid because fishes are not caught much during that time. Best to use that time for re-rigging and preparing for next round.

Have communication devices ready

Communication is vital. Have cell phones, radio and other devices and instruments checked and ready before heading out. So that any update about location and situation can be given to any intended person. Have some zip lock or similar kind of bags to protect electronic devices from getting wet.

Bring flash lights

Having a light is a must for night fishing. Don’t forget to have spare batteries. Having a knife will be extremely helpful as it helps to cut lines and prepare baits and numerous other tasks.

Stay hydrated

When you’re going to be standing or sitting for a long time, you’re going to get dehydrated and more so when it’s daytime during the sunlight. Have sufficient water and liquid refreshments ready and keep yourself well hydrated so that you don’t feel sick. It’s better to avoid alcoholic drinks because you might not be able to fully concentrate on the feel of the line you’ve casted.

Bring extras

Sometimes situations arise in such unpredictable ways that you may need something extra. It may be a hook, a bait, lure, rod, rope – it can be anything. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring extra stuff if possible.

Overall, a well-planned and prepared tour is less likely to end up as a bad experience. Keep these points in mind and hopefully you’ll have a very good fishing trip.