It’s the Journey, not the Destination

It’s the Journey, not the Destination - Gold Coast

Is fishing really worth the effort? A fellow fisherman said to me that his sister and brother in-law asked him the question and that he did not quite understand, ‘Is fishing really worth the effort?’.

A keen fisherman, the man recoiled and answered, of course it is. Upon further reflection and talking with other fishermen/women, the answer is the same but let’s take a look at why.

The question posed to the fishing community about whether fishing was really worth the effort gave us some food for thought.

So, why do we love fishing?

Yes, we sometimes get up at crazy times to get the best catches, and yes, we have to get our rods and bait ready to go, and yes sometimes we spend hours waiting for a catch only to go home empty-handed, but yes, we LOVE every second of it, but why?

Firstly, have you tried fishing? If not then maybe give it a shot, you might find that we do not need to explain why we love fishing, you might feel the passion we feel immediately.

Fishing teaches us life lessons; fishing teaches young, old, and everyone in between the importance of patience. Watching the sun glistening on the ocean’s surface, sitting in silence, or having a yarn with family and/or friends, waiting for fish can be a labour of love. Knowing where to go for fish, can bypass some of the waiting and take you straight to the exhilaration of catching a fish.

Seaprobe Deep Sea Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast have a sound knowledge of the local fishing hotspots, so you do not need to wait around for hours on most occasions – local knowledge can be the secret weapon with fishing.

Fishing can be a group or solo sport, and many often refer to it as their form of meditation. Quietly waiting for the fish can give you time to be alone with your thoughts, or you can clear your mind of all the white noise of life and just be!

Fishermen/women all agree that nothing quite beats that feeling of getting a fish on the hook. The thrill of the chase and reeling in a big one can be euphoric. Catching and cooking up a feed can be very satisfying, almost primal.

Everyone can fish, so it means anyone from your grandchild to your grandfather can partake in a deep-sea fishing day; there are no handicaps, no restrictions, it’s a sport that is all inclusive.

A day of fishing means you can switch off, relax, and leave the stresses of the modern world behind you. The aim of fishing is to catch a fish, but it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Fishermen/women love the act of fishing, not just the catch.

Believe it or not, fishing can be great exercise; it promotes dexterity in your muscles, and helps strengthen your core, arms, and shoulders, plus you can burn quite a few calories along the way.

The international language of fishing; the passion for fishing is understood in many languages and a deep-sea fishing charter from Seaprobe Deep Sea Fishing Charters is a great way to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. 

Fishing is relaxing, and a great way to spend time alone and with people. The best thing about fishing is that the act of fishing is often enough without the spoils.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast

At Seaprobe Deep Sea Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast we love seeing the wide variety of people we get on board. The crew are here to enhance your fishing experience and let you in on all the local fishing hot spots. If you want a fishing team that are as passionate about fishing as you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

From beginners to pros, all are welcome aboard, all you need to bring is yourself and we’ll do the rest.

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