How to prepare for a deep-sea fishing experience?

How to prepare for a deep-sea fishing experience? - Gold Coast

You might be used to fishing from the shore where you have access to shops, cafes and restaurants, but when you are out at sea you need to be prepared for the day.

We have a few tips for getting ready for a Seaprobe Fishing Charter deep sea fishing trip.

Get ready for your deep-sea fishing experience

Our morning fishing charters leave at 6am sharp, so we like the vessel ready for departure at 5.45am. Get a good night’s rest, whilst many people find the boats engine and the up and down of the waves can rock them to sleep, why miss out on all the fun? Stay tuned and see all the marine life as we whip through the water, such as dolphins and sea turtles, not to mention the beautiful; scenery.

Water is provided on board, along with morning tea and lunch for full day deep sea fishing charters, so you don’t need to worry about packing food or drinks. Feel free to bring along some snacks or a few beers, so you can kick back, relax and wait to hook a big one.

Seaprobe Fishing Charters provide quality rods and reels, so whilst you are welcome to bring aboard your own equipment, we are well prepared.

No need to research the best fishing spots, Captain Gavin Woodbury is the Gold Coast’s leading Skipper and has a lot of experience, so we know all the good spots, but shhhhh it’s our secret.

You don’t need to bring aboard any fishing knowledge, we can provide hints, tips and some tuition along the way, so even if you are a first-timer we will do our best to get you a good catch.

With the reflection of the water you might find that there can be some glare, for your own comfort bring along some sunglasses.

Whilst we have sunscreen on board, if you have sensitive skin bring along your own.

If you’re bothered by some sea spray bring along a towel.

We’re more than happy to take some snaps on board to save you getting your camera or phone wet.

Deep Sea Fishing – We’ve got you covered

Seaprobe Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast take care of everything, so just show up and we’ll take care of the rest.