How to avoid seasickness?

How to avoid seasickness? - Gold Coast

If you’re an avid fisher and you’re on the Gold Coast there are so many great fishing spots for you to choose from. Whilst you can get a good catch from the shore line, nothing beats deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing is where the action is; whilst the shallows might give you plenty of Silver Perch and Sea Mullet, you can get a large Tuna or Snapper when you’re deep sea fishing.

Why should you miss out on the action if you suffer a bit of seasickness?

Seaprobe Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast have been looking at some remedies to beat the nausea.

Firstly, there are a few things you can do in preparation to getting on a boat that might help you steer clear of that funny feeling.

Try not to eat too much or drink alcohol before climbing on board, both can make you feel a little queasy when on board.

One natural remedy that many people swear by is treating seasickness and motion sickness is ginger. Take some ginger at least half an hour before stepping aboard and hopefully it should alleviate the nausea, Blackmores has a range of ginger tablets that have been specially formulated for travel sickness.

Talk to your pharmacist about over-the-counter anti histamines, in some cases people experience some relief from the feeling of seasickness after having taken these.

A drug-free alternative is to get sea bands, these are acupressure and apply pressure to your wrists. It might sound like a funny alternative, but many swear by acupressure wristbands as a way of alleviating motion sickness.

Deep sea fishing – Why not?

If you are feeling sick and you have your sea legs, why not try one of the above remedies and then book a deep-sea fishing chapter with Seaprobe Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast. They say that distraction helps alleviate motion sickness, and with all the excitement aboard, we can guarantee you’ll be very distracted.