What Fish Are You Likely To Catch On a Sea Probe Fishing Charter

What Fish Are You Likely To Catch On a Sea Probe Fishing Charter - Gold Coast

Sea Probe Fishing Charters are your number one choice for deep sea fishing adventures on the Gold Coast. With an experienced and fun crew, state-of-the-art charter boats and top notch fishing gear, you are all set for a fun day out on the open water, whether you’re a pro fisherman or a complete novice.

While the experience is more than just about catching fish, of course you hope to land a big one on the day. With that in mind, what type of fish are you likely to hook up when you join Sea Probe Fishing Charters for a day of deep sea fishing?


Many fishermen dream of landing a big Marlin. You see the images on TV, someone wrestling with a huge fish as they’re strapped into the chair. The Marlin leaps clear of the water as it fights against the drag on the line. After a momentous struggle the fisherman prevails and proudly has his or her photo taken with their prize catch.

This could be you when you book in for a deep sea fishing adventure with Sea Probe Fishing Charters.


How about hooking up a Jewfish?

Jewfish can grow quite big and they are renowned for putting up a good fight. If you manage to land one of these prize fish on the day you’re bound to feel extremely satisfied with your fishing trip.


Probably the most common fish consumed from a can, Tuna can grow into deep sea monsters in size and are an extremely muscular and powerful fish. Charter fishing presents the perfect opportunity to land one of these classic fish. Tuna fishing is so thrilling they even make TV shows based on it.


Giant Trevally are famous for hitting the bait hard. You’ll be left with little doubt whether there’s a fish on the line if a Trevally strikes. If you hook a big one, be prepared to settle in for a good fight. These fish are fast and they don’t give in easily.


The Wahoo is a long and very streamline fish and is often confused with the Spanish Mackerel. It’s a prized game fish due to its speed and the high quality of its flesh for eating. Growing up to two metres plus in length, anything could happen on the day if you latch onto a high speed Wahoo. If you land a big one successfully, you will have earned it, that’s for sure.


Snapper are one of the most succulent fish you could possibly eat and are often featured as the “catch of the day” in restaurants everywhere. Snapper love hanging out on deep sea reefs and these fish can grow to a pretty impressive size. Catch one of these babies and you know you’re going to be eating well later that night.

Sea Probe Fishing Charters

Based on the Gold Coast, Sea Probe Fishing Charters are the team to book for your big day out deep sea fishing. Don’t just dream of landing the big one. Go out and do it.