Don’t underestimate the power of fishing with friends

Don’t underestimate the power of fishing with friends - Gold Coast

If someone told us years ago that 2020 would see us confined to our homes because of a virus created by a man eating a bat, we would all think it was the plot of a really bad movie, but here we are a year on in 2021 still feeling the effects of COVID-19.

Are you ok? 

Here on the Gold Coast, we have freedoms that many across the globe don’t, but do not underestimate the toll it can take on people. Making sure we take time to ask our friends and family, ‘Are you ok?’ is important.

Asking someone outright if they are ok might yield the usual, ‘I’m fine’ response, so why not take them out on the open water, and really open the lines of communication.

Sea Probe Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast provides the perfect vessel for a stress-free day that can often give people the chance to talk, or simply the chance to unwind and relax.

Come aboard a Sea Probe Fishing Charter

Fishing with friends isn’t just about unwinding it’s about reeling in that Marlin and gloating about who got the bigger catch. Sometimes knowing friends are there is enough, so simply be there.

Covid-19 has been tough and, in a world, where we can choose anything, we should choose kindness. Being a good friend can be as simple as an invite aboard Sea Probe Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast.

Come aboard and let our experienced fishermen take you to the best local fishing hotspots where you can catch a Mackerel, Marlin, Trag, Tuskfish, Snapper, Jewfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Tailor, Trevally and many more for your dinner.

For all your deep-sea fishing adventures

A Sea Probe Fishing Charter on the Gold Coast is a great day out for all ages and abilities, so why not book your spot today and enjoy making memories with family and/or friends.

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