The Beach Is Not the Only Water Fun You Can Have

The Beach Is Not the Only Water Fun You Can Have - Gold Coast

When people visit the Gold Coast, or even those that live here, the beautiful beaches are often the main focus when it comes to enjoying the water. Yes it’s true, the area does boast some of the very best beaches in Australia, but there are far more ways to enjoy this water wonderland than merely hanging about on the beach and going for a casual swim when you get too hot.

Let’s look at a few other options that are available and why you should think outside the norm the next time you are looking for something to do on the Gold Coast that involves water sports and activities.

Action Water Sports

For adrenalin junkies there are things like hiring our jet skis to skim the surface of the water at high speed, jet boat rides, parasailing, surfing and water skiing. If you’re into the thrill a minute type activities, then there are plenty to choose from all over the Gold Coast strip.

Sightseeing Cruises and Party Cruises

Being the party capital of Australia, it’s little wonder that the party atmosphere spreads out to encompass the water and cruising as well.

Sea Probe Fishing Charters are not all about fishing adventures. We also offer sightseeing cruises that run for a half day or all day, stopping off at places like Tipplers Cafe on South Stradbroke Island.

If you are planning a function, someone is getting married or your best friend is celebrating their birthday, then think about booking one of our fun, yet intimate party cruises. Enjoy the sights as you cruise the calm waterways that spread like liquid tentacles throughout the Gold Coast. Eat, drink and be merry with your friends, work colleagues or family for a day of fun, cruising and bonding.

Head Out for Some Deep Sea Fishing Thrills

How many people out there have thought about going deep sea fishing, yet have never actually stepped outside the comfort zone and taken the plunge? Deep sea fishing is an adrenalin thrill and something that everyone – young or old, make or female, amateur or pro – should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Let’s face it, if you want to land a big fish, something that trophies are made of and one that will give you bragging rights for years to come, you aren’t likely to catch it on the beach or fishing in the rivers and canals. Big fish live out on the reefs in the open ocean, and the best way to gain access to these sea monsters is through hiring a fishing charter with Sea Probe.

We will put you on top of the big ones and help you every step of the way in luring a fish, hooking the fish and getting that prized catch on board.

Based in Southport on the northern end of the Gold Coast, Sea Probe Fishing Charters are your local experts when it comes to having the best day out on the water.